our vision and ethos

Founded in 2014 by Dan, WCWraps emerged in an industry that was relatively obscure at the time, particularly in the South West of England. The vision was to establish a comprehensive hub for vehicle enhancement.

Fast forward to 2023, our team has achieved accreditation in PPF, Vinyl Wrap, and holds the exclusive distinction of being the only Maxton Design Approved Installers in the South. Additionally, we’ve undergone premium training in window tints and other specialized services. You can be confident that our team of seasoned professionals will not only attend to your needs but also deliver the precise outcome you envision.

our facility

All our services are carried out within our clean, temperature controlled environment, well lit with the required high intensity lights to ensure there are no dark areas. We also have a dedicated ramp bay to raise vehicles to an appropriate height to ensure no areas are overlooked and the best quality work is carried out.

Most of all, our facility is Alarmed, Insured and monitored with 24/7 CCTV behind a yard gate, so rest assure we are secure.

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