Vinyl wrap is far from limited to just road vehicle’s and we are proud to offer that we can also carry out Marine Wraps! 

From complete Hull Wraps to superstructures and graphics we can cover any aspect of your boat needs. 

Why Vinyl Wrap?

Cost Effective – Compared to a paint job or a Gel Coat, Hull wraps are a fraction of the cost.

Quick Installation – With a vinyl wrap, it is carried out considerably quicker than any paint or gel coat due to far less preparation required, whilst also can be carried out at the boat yard or a storage facility in most cases, not distributing water time for long.

UV Protection – The vinyl materials used for any marine wrapping will protect your hull and surfaces from harmful UV Rays, of which degrades Gel coat over time. 

Complete Personalisation – With hundred’s of colours to choose from, and graphics to tailor your taste, no boat or yacht needs to ever be the same again!  Make it your own, One of a Kind!

Happy with your boat as it is?

Then we can also juSt Simply protect Your existing paintwork or finishes throughout your boat, using transparent Paint Protection Film.

It’s not just the outside that can be transformed!

Using the extensive range of Architectural wraps available, we can also transform inside your boat! From cupboards, to tables & doors, there is quite simply not a lot of surfaces you can’t cover. For a full look at this, check out our Architectural page here!