Chances are if your reading this then you may well own a VW Transporter van, whether it be a T4, T5, T5.1, T6, etc.

Over the years we have come to work on and wrap close to 50 of these now, varying from Full Coverage wraps to the Extremely popular option of a lower half 2 Tone.

With the Excellent bodylines of the VW Tranpsorter they act a perfect dividing line for a 2 Tone, whilst also not carrying the price of a full wrap.

With over 1000 Colours to choose from the prospect of having 2 transporters the same nowadays is a thing of the past. 

With this amount of time spent working on these machines our team are very trained with how to dismantle and replace parts, wrap them and carry out aesthetic mods. Rest assured we are your best choice for getting your Transporter wrapped. 


Check out just some below.